Observe And Report

A Sci-Fi audio drama about Zuri, a young alien who becomes stranded on Earth

S2E1 - The Crash

May 1st, 2020

On the run from the Phoenix with an injured Mira, Zuri and her crew receive some unexpected help. But can the helper be trusted? Garis covers for Zuri's absence on the Canvasse. 


Written by Nate Fisher 

Script supervision by Jason Borrajo 

Sound Design by Nate Fisher 

Cover Art by Tawni Franzen 



Zuri - Felicia Hebner 

Mira - Megan McMulkin 

Sharp - Jeff LaFortune 

Alan - Christopher Edwards 

Dash - Jake Spencer 

Garis - Jeff Scalph 

Dave - Eric Zeissler 

Sarek - James Eik 

Rochan - Benjamin Briggs 

Cheryl - Kimberly Zeissler 

Amanda - Jenny Enriquez 

The Recruiter - Christopher Roberts 


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